USNH Telecommunications

Effective July 1, 2020 UNH Telecom will no longer charge internal university departments, faculty and staff for standard services. We will continue to record usage of Telecom services, resources and phone long-distance charges for inventory and reporting purposes but will not send out monthly financial notices.

To promote responsible resource usage, you will continue to submit your Telecom service requests via our webforms. Department liaisons Telecom Account Managers (TAM) will remain in their role and will submit these department requests.

Periodic reviews of resource usage will be performed by Telecom to determine continued business need - Telecom reserves the right to disconnect any service or resource for inactivity.

Below are the standard offerings that have been determined for: Faculty/Staff, Departments, Telecom-resourced Projects, Classrooms, Labs and Research Facilities. These offerings are based on current ~4300 consumers of Telecom resources and their potential future needs.

Standard Offerings: Faculty and Staff in their primary location:

USNH departments:

Telecom-resourced projects:

Services Assigned on a Case-by-Case Basis

Discontinued services/resources: