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About This Site

This USNH Telecommunications website offers various services to voice and data customers. If you have not found what you are looking for, please contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My request regards more than one item. Can I submit just one form?

A: Combined requests can make sense in some cases, but we encourage our customers to submit one form per request as much as possible. This lets us better track the services and financials, helping us enter your work order more quickly.

Q: I have a multiple moves and changes for my department. Can I attach a spreadsheet?

A: Yes, the phone and data service add/change/move/disconnect web form has this feature.

If the same funding applies to all items, you may place a single phone/voice request for a large amount of work, and attach a spreadsheet or other supporting information.
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The following people have contributed to Summit, the software that runs USNH Telecommunications:

planning and resources
Dan Corbeil
Bryan Scovill
Trent Cavicchi
Tom Nudd

architecture and code
Marcus Del Greco
Trent Cavicchi

Project Management
quality assurance and outreach
Cathy Annese

ideas and inspiration
Dan Corbeil
Scott Jarvis
Chris Robinson
Tina Sbrizza
Norman Fizz
Christine McFarland
Toby Heaton
Leasa Armour
Geoff Johnson
Brian Simpson
John O'Rourke
Dave Allen
Tim Farris
Ken Bouwens
George Snow
Cheryl Child
Veronica Garza
Kaye Jaus
Cathy Annese
Angela Engel

with many thanks
Bill Costa
Paul Sand